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It’s always important for police officers to be aware of the dangers of dehydration and overheating. Even in winter, overheating can be a concern when officers are wearing multiple layers to protect them from the cold and constantly moving from an outdoor environment to an indoor one and back.

Wearing a high-quality riot suit can help protect officers from these dangers. Haven Gear offers options that can keep officers safe and comfortable in any season.

The Importance of High-Quality Riot Suits For Police

When it comes to riot control, police officers need the best gear to protect them from potential danger. After all, police officers are subjected to hitting, kicking, punching, spitting, and more every day on the job. Officers risk their health and well-being every day they’re out in the field. If their equipment or uniform isn’t up to par for the conditions they’re in, injury and illness can occur.

Good quality riot suits aren’t a luxury — they’re a necessity. They can keep officers:


Dehydration is a major concern for police officers during riots since they can lose a lot of fluids through sweat and exposure to tear gas or pepper spray. Without adequate hydration, officers can become fatigued and dizzy, which can put them at risk of being injured or even killed. A good riot suit should have an easy-access hydration system so that officers can stay properly hydrated during long periods in hot conditions.


Police officers also need to be protected from physical injuries, including cuts and bruises and chemical burns from tear gas and pepper spray. Riot suits should be made from durable materials that can resist punctures and provide a high level of protection against exposure to environmental hazards.

On Point

Performance is also crucial for police officers during potentially violent situations. They need to be able to move quickly and efficiently to avoid being injured or overwhelmed by the crowd. A good riot suit should not impede an officer’s movement or vision, and it should allow them to communicate clearly with civilians and other officers.

Haven Gear’s Riot Suit Hydration

Haven Gear offers a wide variety of riot suits, equipment, and accessories to help meet officers’ needs in the field. Our suits offer the following features and more:

In-Suit Hydration Bladders

Innovative in-suit hydration bladders are designed to give officers quick access to water during long shifts in tough conditions. The high-quality bladders feature a valve that allows officers to control the flow of liquid.

Cooling Vests

Cooling vests allow officers to stay cool and comfortable, even in hot or humid environments. The vest works by pumping cool water through the suit, which reduces body temperature even when sweating to prevent overheating.

Haven Gear offers vests that can be worn over any type of clothing and vests that are body armor-compatible. Both provide hours of cooling power before needing to be recharged. We also offer lightweight riot suits that weigh less than 10 lbs. and have optional cooling and hydration features.

Does Your Force Need Riot Suit Hydration?

Riot suits are an important piece of equipment for law enforcement. They provide protection from potential injuries and help to maintain peak performance in challenging conditions. It’s important not to forget about hydration and cooling for gear worn for hours in the field.

Haven Gear’s riot suit hydration makes it easy for officers to stay hydrated and cooled. With easy-access suit hydration, Haven Gear’s riot suits help keep police officers safe and performing at their best.