Riot Gloves: What You Need to Know

Riot Gloves: What You Need to Know

In any type of crisis situation, damage to your hands can be disastrous. The dangers could be anything from broken glass, sharp objects, building materials, and more — but the outcome is the same if the hands of law enforcement personnel are damaged during an altercation. You count on these individuals to be at the front lines of any type of disturbance, keeping the peace and attempting to diffuse a difficult situation. It’s vital that your teams have the advanced protection required to help reduce the possibility of an injury while they’re protecting the public.

What Are Riot Gloves or Tactical Gloves?

These sturdy gloves are meant to provide law enforcement officers with an added degree of protection against flying debris, sharp objects, or fluids, along with providing a way to deflect blows with a stronger presence than officers would have with only their bare hands. Riot gloves, also known as tactical gloves, are often developed with performance fabrics that provide an added layer of durability, performance, and strength to your team. Wrists, knuckles, fingers, and hands are fully protected from excessive temperatures as well as dangerous items. Riot gloves are often made out of heavy leather or Kevlar and have reinforced palms for added protection.

Types of Riot Gloves

There are different types of riot gloves based on the needs of your team, such as tactical rappelling or fast rope gloves, lighter-weight leather gloves, hard knuckle gloves and more. These gloves often come in a range of sizes, allowing them to fit male and female law enforcement professionals of all sizes safely and comfortably. Extra room in the gloves could cause problems in the event of an incident so it is important that every officer’s protective equipment fit as it should.

Padded Kevlar Riot Gloves

Fully-articulated padded Kevlar riot gloves are built to withstand a beating, protecting the hands and wrists of law enforcement professionals in violent or high-risk environments. The padding is designed to help reduce the shock of injuries to the hands and wrists, while the harder shell on these gloves helps your team push the limits while defying the obstacles that might stand in the way of protecting their community. These gloves are ideal for military personnel, rapid response teams, and corrections facilities leaders in charge of prisoner transfers.

Hard Knuckle Gloves

So-called “hard knuckle” gloves are exactly that — made to protect the knuckles during any physical altercation or during search and rescue attempts. These gloves are generally waterproof and include a knuckle, palm and finger plates that are reinforced with Kevlar for added protection. The pliable gloves allow a great deal of articulation in the fingers, providing officers with enhanced mobility in their fingers and hands without sacrificing stability or security. These gloves are ideal for search and rescue teams and others on the front lines.

Having the right riot gear can help provide an exceptional level of security and safety both for your officers and for the public. With unrivaled innovation and unbelievable mobility, Haven Gear offers next-generation riot gear that allows law enforcement personnel to protect the public during a riot situation. Our riot gloves have been honed with research to provide the high-quality protection that your team deserves when situations get beyond their control. Learn more about Haven Gear online or compare our various riot glove options, all of which come with a standard warranty for your peace of mind.