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Haven Gear’s Popular Tactical Accessories

Haven Gear is the premier manufacturer of advanced riot gear for law enforcement professionals. Did you know that we also have an extensive line of tactical accessories to complement our exceptional riot suits? Check out our entire line of popular Haven Gear tactical accessories. You should consider these accessories in addition to your riot suits.

Tactical Pouches

We offer three different kinds of pouches. The MK9 Pouch-Nylon works as a belt around your waist or as a drop-leg holster to hold your pepper spray for easy access. It also comes in a molded plastic pouch with a nylon exterior, the MK9 Pouch-Molded, that will attach directly to your belt.

There is the option of the 6×10 Vertical Utility Pouch W/Quick Attach MOLLE Straps. The MOLLE attachment system works to hold your pouch in place with secure snaps. That way you never have to worry about your utility pouch falling off in a moment of conflict.

Grenadier Bags

The two different Grenadier Bags that we offer, the size is the same, but the attachment system is different. One is attached with MOLLE straps, while the other is the Grenadier Bag W/Belt and Velcro. Both of these bags will hold all the extra tactical gear you need that you can attach right to your Enforcer or Patrol Riot Suit.

Utility Bags

If you prefer a utility bag, we offer two different models that work the same way as the Grenadier Bags. One is attached to your riot suit with the MOLLE straps, while the other is attached with a belt and velcro system.

MOLLE Platform

The MOLLE Platform W/Belt and Velcro will allow you to attach even more tactical necessities to your riot suit, like impact tools and outdoor ops gear.

Hydration Pack

One of the most important accessories you can get for riot suits is the Hydration Pack. These packs hold up to 2 liters of water. You don’t have to worry about dehydration when you are out in the field doing your job.

Cooling Gel Pack

Even though our Riot Suits are geared towards comfort and long-term wear, it’s still going to get hot in there while you are out in warmer temperatures. The special Cooling Gel Pack Set is complete with one chest, one back, and two side packs. Your team will stay cooler when wearing these lightweight cooling packs while doing their important jobs of keeping order and chaos down in dangerous situations.

Accessories That Get the Job Done Right

Keep in mind, our tactical accessories are made of extremely heavy-duty and durable material that will withstand intense situations. If you have any questions about how our riot suits, riot gear, and tactical accessories can improve the performance of your law enforcement or security team, feel free to send us a message today. We’ll be happy to go into detail about all of our advanced products. You can also send a team to check us out at a variety of appearances at upcoming tradeshows. Check out our events page.