Parts and Accessories for Riot Suits

Our team at Haven Gear is passionate about protecting those who protect the community. We design and engineer the best protective gear to assist law enforcement officers. Our next-generation riot gear suits provide exceptional physical protection for front-line officers. These patrol suits were built to be flexible and protective, offering easy mobility for officers needing to have the most mobility possible.

Each of our riot suits are built to feature everything your law enforcement officers need to lead and effectively deploy crowd control tactics. The following is a look at our parts and why your team might want to add them to your Haven Gear order.

For the Arsenal Riot Kit

The Haven Gear Arsenal Rapid Response Kit comes with any of our suits. Also included is a shield, helmet, riot baton, gloves, and a built-in groin cup. As that secondary name suggests, this is the riot gear you want to keep in patrol cars for rapid response when in need of crowd control.

Patrol Riot Suit Parts

The Haven Gear Patrol Riot Suit is our core protective suit. This suit was designed to offer full protection for whatever dangerous crowd situation a police officer might encounter. The Patrol Suit offers full-body protection with flexible full coverage panels. There are a number of replacement parts and add-on accessories your department might choose from, including:

  • Upper & Lower Arm Protector. Made with the same high-grade molded polypropylene panels as the rest of the Patrol Riot Suit, this Upper & Lower Arm Protector sees a high amount of impact. Should you need another set, these are available as replacement parts.
  • Groin Guard. This is not a cup but rather is designed as more of a shield for full groin protection.
  • Leg Guards. These Haven Gear Leg Guards are a patented replacement part for the units. They come standard on the full Patrol Riot Suit. These Haven Gear Patrol style Leg Guards feature non-slip knee caps and shin guards built from high-grade molded polypropylene panels.
  • Thigh Protector. The Haven Gear Patrol style thigh protector comes as a set of two. They fit snugly over the wearer’s thighs to protect against impacts.

Enforcer Riot Suit Parts

The Haven Gear Enforcer Riot Suit features all of the same components as the Haven Gear Patrol Riot Suit but with integrated ballistic compartments. Providing the wearer with the blunt force protection of the Patrol and the additional carrier options you would see with your everyday ballistic carrier. Available add-on and replacement parts for this specialized Haven Gear suit include:

  • Groin Guard. The Enforcer Groin Guard is much larger than the one that is sold as a replacement for the Patrol Suit and offers a significantly wider area of protection.
  • Leg Guards. These leg guards offer premium puncture protection for the knees, shins, and top of the foot as the Leg Guards feature a flap extension that goes over the top of one’s shoes.
  • Thigh Protector. Also similar to those available for the Haven Gear Patrol Riot Suit, the Enforcer Thigh Protectors feature upgraded puncture panels.
  • Upper & Lower Arm Protectors. This pair of arm protectors are specifically designed as replacements for the Haven Gear Enforcer Riot Suit. This features full arm protection, including panels that fit over the upper arm, forearm, and elbows.

Enforcer MP Riot Suit Parts

This suit adds to the Enforcer Suit. The addition of the MOLLE allows parts and accessories to be attached as needed. Intense tactical situations sometimes call for more parts and gear; the integrated carriers reliably carry both hard and/or soft ballistic for the best protection. Included ballistic components include:

  • Hard Plates
  • Soft Panels
  • Spike Armor
  • Butterfly Ballistic Panels

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