Mounted Units

Benefits of Mounted Units for Crowd Control  

In today’s world of emerging AI and flying police drones, the use of mounted units can seem a bit archaic. However, horses offer some significant advantages in several areas of police work, including in the area of crowd control.

Mounted units can be effectively utilized in a variety of scenarios, including search and rescue, but far and away this police force unit is best used for crowd control. Mounted police units have been in use for millennia, with evidence that the Romans effectively used in-city cavalry units as part of their city guards to keep the peace throughout their territories. As time progressed and the use of horses expanded throughout the world, so too did the use of mounted units within city patrols. Today, they remain an important unit in many departments.

Mounted Units Public Benefits

There are several fantastic reasons for why mounted units remain so effective for crowd control.

The following is just a quick look at some of the most notable of those reasons:

  • Great visibility. When a police officer is watching an area from a vehicle or patrolling on foot, they do not have optimal visibility. This is compounded in crowded situations. In contrast, horses are huge. Police horses, which must meet certain height requirements before being accepted into a mounted unit, are especially big and tall. When an officer sits astride their horse, they can see far past the closest lines and rather can get a strong understanding of the whole scope of the crowd.
  • More intimidating presence. The size of horses is essential and it goes beyond just the height factor. The sheer bulk of a horse is intimidating — these are not creatures that can be shoved or pushed. In crowded events, that large, intimidating body of an animal works to dissuade malcontents from acting out.
  • Fast and effective maneuverability. Horses are large animals. Their height offers visibility to see exactly where a potential problem is. Plus, a horse is able to quickly move on any type of terrain. Whether you need to disperse a crowd in a paved street, tight alleyway, or landscaped park, a mounted unit is effective.
  • Offer a more personable side. While horses can be intimidating, there is also a softer side to them. This makes them effective in crowd control but also approachable for people needing the attention of law enforcement.

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