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7 Ways You Can Increase Personal Safety

Being the victim of a crime can give you feelings of deep fear and trauma when out in public. To prevent being the target of unwanted attention and criminal behavior, there are ways to increase your personal safety. Each year, millions of people are attacked, stolen from, and become the focus of various crimes perpetrated against them simply because they were easy targets. There are ways you can avoid being that person. It’s important to learn skills and tactics to avoid problems when you are out in public.

Let’s look at ways to improve your personal safety, no matter where you go, from Haven Gear. We’re a company that provides unparalleled safety equipment and riot suits for our dedicated law enforcement professionals, so being safe is our top goal for police officers and the public they work so hard to protect.

Tip #1: Always Work Your Schedule With Safety In Mind

When going about your day with your travel schedule, whether it’s using public transportation or in your personal vehicle, it’s important to always keep safety in mind. Choose the safest routes to travel while always being aware of your surroundings. Don’t get too lost in your own thoughts or your smartphone device while commuting, since as you go about your day, you’ll need to scan the world around you to look out for potential threats. Try to avoid traveling home late at night or in very dark places where there aren’t a lot of people. If you need to walk to certain areas, make sure they are well-lit, and within view of security cameras, when possible.

Tip #2: Rely On Your Instincts and Intuition

Don’t ever be embarrassed about being concerned about your safety. You need to rely on your own gut instincts and intuition about safe places and people. If you feel uneasy or scared, it’s coming from a place inside you that is alerting you to the fact that you may be in danger. Listen to it. It’s always easier to flee a potentially bad situation, than to become the victim of a crime because you didn’t do anything to protect yourself, or you were embarrassed about insulting someone who seemed threatening.

Tip #3: Understand How Criminals Operate

Criminals look for easy targets. If you are using your smartphone or tablet out in the open, that is a device that is very desirable for criminals. They may try to steal it. When traveling on public transportation or walking around, make sure those devices are put away in a handbag or backpack that is secure on your body. Wearing a crossbody style is a theft deterrent, as opposed to a bag you are carrying in your hand. Holding a bag in your hand or one on your back can be easier for someone to grab.

Tip #4: There’s Safety In Groups

When you can, especially if you are traveling in a foreign city that you aren’t familiar with, use the buddy system. There’s safety in groups. Criminals are much less likely to target someone in a group of people, than alone.

Tip #5: Have Your Keys Ready

When walking to your car or the front door of your home, you must have your keys ready. Don’t be that person who is fumbling through their handbag, briefcase, or backpack struggling to locate their keys. You’ll be distracted and could easily be the target because you weren’t prepared with your keys ready to use. The right set of keys when held between your fingers can also double as a weapon in worse-case scenarios.

Tip #6: Avoid Travel Shortcuts

When going places, it’s safe to stick to routes that you know in well-lit areas that aren’t dark and shady. Avoid shortcuts through back alleys or down streets that are deserted. It may take a little longer to get where you are going. However, you’ll be in a safer space when walking through populated areas with security cameras on the streets.

Tip #7: Take a Personal Defense Course

You’ll feel better when you have some solid tips and strategies on how to defend yourself, if something happens. Practicing the skills that you learn in these classes could potentially save your life someday in a dangerous situation. Research your city and sign up for a personal defense course as soon as possible.

Take Advice From Haven Gear

When you follow these personal safety tips and crime prevention advice from Haven Gear, you can put security at the forefront of your mind and feel safer wherever you go. You’ll be better prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Additionally, you will trust yourself to avoid the unsafe ones, you don’t want to be involved in. Stay safe!