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Series: An In-Depth Look at the Power of the Mounted Rider Suit

The Mounted Rider Suit is serious protection for law enforcement that patrol on horseback. It’s a time-honored tradition to have police officers be able to do their jobs in a cityscape atop a large horse. What a cool way to perform their jobs, right? Now with the technology and advanced suits that we offer at Haven Gear, both the officer and the horse will be able to do their jobs in better comfort and enhanced safety.

That’s the main priority at our company which specializes in top-notch riot suits and gear, outfitting the best in law enforcement around the globe. Let’s take a look in this series more in-depth about what the Haven Gear Mounted Rider Suit comes with, and how it’s a smart choice for a police force to purchase and outfit their mounted units.

Total Protection That’s Geared Towards Comfort

mounted suit

The Mounted Rider Suit is total protection from head-to-toe. One of the best features about the suit is that it’s ultra-lightweight and breathable. When an officer is going to spend long days riding through the city on an animal, they can feel extra hot from the warmth that emanates from the horse. Having a suit that is made with integrated hydration, and a cooling system, is another way to prevent the officer from getting overheated.

The Rider Suit Style Details

Each Mounted Rider Suit has a variety of features and details that will best serve an officer and his horse. The suit itself is made of molded polypropylene, nylon, and with hook and loop closures. This advanced combination of materials is fire, stab, and blunt-force resistant with chest and back panels, upper and lower arm protection, and specialized thigh and leg protection that moves easily for getting on and off the horse.

When creating the design of the Mounted Rider Suit, our team had to keep the motions of the horse with the rider in mind every step of the way. The most vulnerable part of an officer on a horse is their legs, which is why for the mounted rider, special protection has been paid to this area of their body. Plus, the way that the leg protection is shaped at a 90-degree angle, it won’t rub up against the horse’s hide in an uncomfortable way. We care about the horses’ comfort and safety too at Haven Gear.

Additionally, the suit’s total weight is only 10 lbs. This suit can be made with any of our existing suit designs, Patrol, Enforcer or MP, as the vest with the specialized legs that make the Mounted Rider Suit stand out. There is also a MOLLE lined back panel, and, depending on the vest chosen, multi-function ballistics carrier, which will allow the officer to quickly access anything they may need to do their job. Being body camera ready is another aspect of the suit, with a four-way ID system that displays an officer’s badge from many different angles.

Inclusive Sizing for Everyone

This suit is sized right for everyone on your police force, starting with S to XXXL. Custom sizes can even be made for the mounted units, if needed.

Questions About this Suit

When trying to outfit your police units with the best options available, check us out at Haven Gear. If you have questions about what would be right for anyone on your force, contact us and our team will be happy to talk to you about your options.