police training in the use of batons to control crowds.

Delivering the Best Police Riot Helmet Gear for Your Rapid Response Team

Law enforcement officials may be pleased to know that a new era of riot helmets is on the market and delivers enhanced benefits during a rapid response crisis. Riot helmets are one of the most important aspects of a riot suit. No matter what suit your department chooses, officers need to be equipped with head protection. When riots break out, violent offenders are trying to harm the brave men and women working to restore order, and head injuries are among the most traumatic. This is why Haven Gear has worked so hard to procure and distribute top-of-the-line helmets for peace officers.

Riot Helmets are Essential Equipment

It goes without saying that riot helmets are an important part of every riot bag. They need to be durable, comfortable, and functional. They need to be easy to put on and take off, and not obstruct an officer’s view or peripheral vision. Without these next-generation protective helmets, the users would likely not survive. We go to great lengths to provide police and corrections officers with the highest-quality riot helmets available.

Improved Field of Vision

The riot helmets Haven Gear supplies to law enforcement and correctional departments offer enhanced side-to-side sightlines. The clear, polycarbonate face shield is 3mm in thickness to protect officers from suffering injuries to the face and eyes from projectiles while providing a crisp field of vision. Further, the anti-fogging face shield has been tested at 120 and – 40 degrees and withstand more than 2 lbs of pressure in extreme temperatures. The durability of these face shields remains unparalleled. Departments can also decide between bubble and straight-face shields. Bubble face shields give officers plenty of room to breathe and prevent fog. They are also better suited for officers that need to wear a gas mask during crowd control situations. Straight face shields are more traditional and may be easier for your officers to put on and store in their duty bags.

Neck Guard Protection Gear

A primary threat of injury for law enforcement in periods of unrest is the spillage of flammable and hazardous liquids. During violent protests, front-line police officers have no idea what their adversaries may be planning. Thick, leather neck guards prevent hazardous, corrosive or flammable liquids from breaching their Haven Gear riot suits and harming their bodies. Similarly, these neck guards can help shield corrections officers from stab wounds during cell extractions of violent offenders. Despite the neck guard’s durability, it does not hinder the officer’s movement in any way.

Inside the Premier Riot Helmets

Helmets protect officers by cushioning blows that prevent head injuries by providing a layer of soft cushion inside a strong, polycarbonate shell. In rapid response situations, peace officers can be struck by objects such as bricks, bottles, or other hard objects in close quarters. If their heads were not shielded from these threats, the injuries could absolutely prove fatal. The helmets Haven Gear supplies officers with are padded to diffuse these blows and adjustable to accommodate the safety needs of officers of all sizes. The closures are quick release clips that enable officers to efficiently strap into and remove at a moment’s notice.

Hard Exterior Riot Protections

The severity of hard impacts to the head and brain can result in significant, long-term injuries. Officers need to be outfitted with high quality, reliable helmets to deflect direct contact, flying objects, and dangerous criminals. The riot helmets that bring our officers home safely every day are made from reinforced, high impact fiberglass. And, are painted matte black to prevent glare from the sun or floodlights.

Haven Gear Delivers Rapid Response Riot Helmet Protection Benefits

The riot helmets Haven Gear provides deliver user flexibility through accessories such as select visor options, neck guards, and straps that secure the products from being pulled off. Along with the advanced protections integrated into the design, riot helmets run from 2.5 pounds to only 3.5 pounds for XL models.

The ultra-lightweight riot helmets are designed to be strapped on quickly to meet unexpected outbreaks of civil unrest and violence. Today’s front-line peace officers put themselves in harm’s way to keep communities safe and secure. Haven Gear Riot helmets deliver the protection they deserve.