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Advantages of Different Riot Gear Helmets

Tactical riot helmets are a must-have item for modern law enforcement teams. While dealing with urban unrest, riots, and other dangerous crowd control situations, they are needed for top-notch safety measures. Comfort, customization, adaptability, durability and the levels of protection provided are all important factors. All these details should be considered when choosing a riot helmet for your team. You want the right tools to deal with any situation. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the various riot helmet systems and helmet accessories that we sell at Haven Gear.

Bump Helmet

Bump helmets are a piece of riot protection that goes by several different names. They’re sometimes referred to as tactical helmets or ATE helmets, which stands for “Above The Ear.” Some of the immediate advantages of this type of helmet are its light weight, ease of use, and comfort.

The bump helmets from Haven Gear protect the skull from thrown projectiles, falling debris, and other incoming threats. They’re a great choice for natural disaster response because of their light weight. They also offer a layer of protection against debris that tends to fly around in hurricanes or tornadoes — or that falls from above during a seismic event. The open space around the face provides plenty of room for a law enforcement officer to use additional safety pieces. Additional accessories for eye protection, a gas mask for breathing protection, or any other type of facial protective gear.

The really big advantage of the bump helmet is the customization options. The above-the-ear design is not just for stylish purposes. This style allows the wearer room for a tactical comms or radio headset. The side and front attachment rails on the helmet allow for a wide range of tactical add-ons for law enforcement operations. Some attachments include cameras, night vision gear, lights, you-name-it.

The bump helmet provides excellent protection from falling objects — or when an officer takes a fall. In addition, it provides the most room and attachment space of any other type of riot helmet on the market.

HG-HMAT Riot Helmet

Our Haven Gear HG-HMAT riot helmets provide a superior layer of protection. The head, face, and neck of law enforcement personnel when dealing with unstable, urban unrest situations are all protected. Blunt force trauma from flying bricks, rocks, or other debris during a riot are serious risks to your officers. That risk is greatly reduced with the protection offered by an HG-HMAT riot helmet. We also offer helmets with two different styles of face shields, which we discuss below.

All of our riot helmets are designed as one-size-fits-most. Each HG-HMAT is fitted with a replaceable neck flap that provides a layer of protection for the back of the neck. Your officers don’t have eyes in the backs of their heads — but Haven Gear’s neck guards help to reduce the risks of thrown objects if a rioter does manage to slip behind your front lines.

We use rubber chin straps on our riot helmets. This provides more comfort to the wearer than a hardened plastic option. Plus, a nice, thick piece of rubber even provides a little bit more protection for the chin in tense situations.

Straight Visor for Riot Helmets

When a straight visor is pulled down to protect an officer’s face, the HG-HMAT riot helmet offers full 360-degree protection from thrown objects, liquids, chemical skin irritants, spit, or just about anything else that a rioter decides to launch your way. The straight visor is see-through and scratch resistant to provide excellent frontal visibility. This visor is perfect for use for law enforcement teams that utilize chemical skin irritants, pepper balls, or other similar crowd dispersal methods. Put the irritants on the troublemakers — while protecting your law enforcement personnel!

Bubble Visor for Riot Helmets

A bubble visor provides most of the same advantages as a straight visor. The bubble visor comes closer to the officer’s mouth and is shorter than the straight visor. Also, there is the benefit of the outward bubble curve of the visor. The bubble allows a better fit for an officer to wear a gas mask if tear gas is used as a dispersal method. Additionally, we recommend the Avon C50 or PC50 masks with our helmets as they are the most compatible. Both the straight and bubble visor can both be used with the addition of a gas mask however, the curvature of the bubble gives the officer a bit more room with the added mask if needed.

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