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Backpacks and Carry Bags

At Haven Gear, we make complete riot suits for law enforcement professionals. There is so much development that goes into each of these suits. Plus, we make duffle bags and backpacks that will actually hold an officer’s entire riot suit in a deployable unit. However, an officer sometimes still needs extra gear. That’s why we make options in backpacks and carry bags that make the process of using our riot suits and gear as easy and seamless as possible. Their job is hard enough and these brave professionals should have access to the right gear. Let’s look at the options for backpacks and carry bags to help law enforcement professionals do their job most effectively. It’s all about safety and performance in our Haven Gear next-gen riot suits and anti-riot gear. The suits need to be able to handle any situation the officer faces.

The Riot Suit Backpack

The Haven Gear Riot Suit Backpack is a large, black backpack with many features for optimal performance. The full zip closure allows the user to access anything in the backpack quickly. Being able to react quickly is a huge factor in dangerous situations.

A full riot suit is a lot to carry. Sacrifices in gear can’t be made because that gear is essential to the job needed. The Riot Suit Backpack can carry that extra gear. It has closure straps, a shoulder sling, and padded shoulder straps for comfort while wearing the backpack.

The Riot Suit Duffle Bags

With three options in duffle bags, there’s one for every situation that may arise. For smaller accessories, the Mini Duffle Bag is 20” L x 8” W x 13” H. This type of bag is going to fit additional tactical gear and supplies an officer may need on the go in a smaller package. It’s durable, built with reinforced seams, and includes a number of secure pockets.

There are two different duffle bags that can hold full-sized riot suits and tactical gear. The difference between the Riot Suit Deployable Bags are that one comes with a hard bottom and wheels, while the other is more of a traditional duffle bag without wheels.

Both are extra-large 36” bags that come with a shoulder sling, carry handles, and drag feet. The bag without the wheels has a patted bottom with feet that allow it to stay slightly elevated off the ground for protection from the elements. Either one is suitable to transport an entire riot suit, plus any other accessories they may need.

Other Carry Bags

We do offer some additional carry bags that will hold specific gear. That includes the Gas Mask bag, which is considered a drop leg bag that has a lined interior and two exterior pockets. There is also the Drawstring Helmet Bag that holds face shields or Riot Helmets for quick retrieval. They are durable and ready to be a reliable part of your team’s gear.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or specific needs regarding any of our riot suits or accessories, like backpacks, duffle bags, and additional carry bags, feel free to give us a call or drop us a message any time. We’re here for you. The team at Haven Gear wants to make sure that your team has the gear they need to excel. Our goal is to make sure that any officer outfitted with our gear and supplies is going to have the best experience possible.