Arsenal Rapid Response Kit: Built for Protection and Mobility  

Arsenal Rapid Response Kit: Built for Protection and Mobility  

The challenge in creating the ultimate riot gear suit is always about threading the needle between maximum protection for your officers and their ability to move around quickly. No police or correctional officer wants to be lugging 60 pounds of protective gear in a shield line for several hours during a riot. The situation on the ground can shift quickly during a civil disturbance, requiring officers to redeploy to another street. Haven Gear’s Arsenal Rapid Response Kit is the answer to the need for lightweight protection that allows for great mobility in the field.

The Need for Maximum Protection in a Riot Suit

Officers are generally expected to apply the minimum amount of force necessary during a protest situation. In order to ensure that police can live up to that standard, they need riot gear that offers a high level of protection. They can’t be expected to respond with minimal force if they themselves are in a situation that puts their own lives at risk. The two concepts go hand-in-hand. If you want minimal force exercised by your riot response team, they need the best possible protection if a crowd gets out of control.

The Arsenal Rapid Response Kit comes with the Patrol, Enforcer, or MP suit of choice. This full suit of protective gear is made from molded polypropylene panels to protect an officer’s internal organs, legs, arms, groin, and head from blunt force strikes. The material is also engineered to be stab-resistant and fire-resistant, offering a great amount of protection from the most common threats that officers face in riot situations.

Maximum Mobility in a Full Riot Suit

The lightweight materials of Haven Gear’s riot suits mean that with no attachments, an officer is wearing a suit that weighs approximately 10 pounds. The full kit comes with a riot shield, helmet, baton, riot gloves, gas mask, and other gear and weighs about 20 pounds total, and it all fits in a 36-inch duty bag. Officers won’t be lugging a ton of gear in a riot situation when they rely on the Arsenal Rapid Response Kit. Mobility becomes much easier, thanks to the lightweight materials of Haven Gear’s suits.

Other Features of the Arsenal Rapid Response Kit

Your officers have to be ready for anything when it comes to spending hours in a shield line during a riot or civil disturbance. The Arsenal Rapid Response Kit is designed to be adaptable to many different situations depending on your department’s needs and the urgency of an immediate situation. Haven Gear’s riot suits are all equipped with a hook-and-loop system to attach the gear and accessories needed.

The backs of the suits use a MOLLE system to a water bladder. A hose can be attached for hydration in the field. Frozen cooling packs can be attached to the interior of the suits for up to four hours of relief. Heat and dehydration are two of the biggest concerns for officers during a lengthy civil disturbance. Both are solved by Haven Gear’s hook-and-loop system. The suits are also body camera-ready. Whatever accessories your officers need in a riot of civil disturbance can be easily added to Haven Gear’s suits.

The Arsenal Rapid Response Kit contains a 34-inch riot baton with a lanyard, gas mask, filter of the department’s choice, and hard-knuckle riot gloves. The entire kit weighs just 20 pounds. It contains everything needed to quickly and safely respond to riots or civil disturbances.

It’s not a question of whether your department will need state-of-the-art riot gear to protect civilians and property. It’s a question of whenContact us at Haven Gear to discuss your department’s riot gear needs and how we can help.